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Cigar Buyer Issue 12

Published on 12/09/2007

Cigar Tastings


From the Editor

Well the changes have certainly been rung since I last sat down to write my column and frankly stand outside to have a cigar. It seems too be a little to early to tell what the long term effects will...

By Rob Allanson in From the Editor

Estate select

Beach Cigar Group recently announced two new medium-bodied Gurkha premium cigars, the Estate Select Reserve and Estate Select Vintage Shaggy. According to CEO Kaizad Hansotia: “Both feature extra-a...

By Rob Allanson in News

Family Secret

In 2004, the Toraño family unveiled their unbanded “mystery cigar,” which had been appearing at events for some time. Toraño rollers at the events would hand these unbanded, freshly-rolled cigar...

By Rob Allanson in News

Newman expanding

For the first time in 20 years, the J.C. Newman Cigar Company has proudly announced a new size and a new cedar cabinet to the La Unica cigar line. The La Unica #600 (6” x 50 ring) has been created t...

By Rob Allanson in News

Short but elegant

Davidoff has released two new cigars to add to their range which are bound to appeal to lovers of short smokers. The Primeros is a petit panetela format, which is shorter and has a smaller ring gauge...

By Rob Allanson in News

Not quite the last gasp

More than 250 enthusiastic cigar smokers gave two fingers (holding the first samples of the new Cohiba Maduro sizes – the Genios, Magicos and Secretos) to the smoking ban and intermittent showers at...

By Rob Allanson in News

Show time

The great and the good of the cigar and tobacco industry will be descending on Nottingham Cricket ground at the end of the month . The Association of Independent Tobacco Specialists exhibition, held ...

By Rob Allanson in News

Brave new world

Despite the recent smoking ban there are some surprising things going on at London’s oldest cigar merchant

Perhaps the main advocates of the smoking ban had expected the cigar industry to roll over and die in the months following its introduction. However in London JJ Fox and Robert Lewis has finished an ...

By Rob Allanson in Spotlight

In the thick of it

John Hollingsworth & Son has faced far worse than the current wave of anti-smoking legislation and survived so why shouldn’t the future be as bright as the past? Dominic Roskrow reports

Occasionally you get the feeling that some things are destined not to be. And so it turned out with Cigar Buyer’s interview with John Withers, proprietor of John Hollingsworth & Son. First John go...

By Dominic Roskrow in Retailer watch

Tobacco Legislation Watch

APRIL 2007

SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES Bans on Smoking in Public Places have been introduced separately by each country within the United Kingdom: ENGLAND All enclosed public places and workplaces, including al...

By Rob Allanson in Legislation Watch

Rising star

In March this year, Henri Wintermans announced the acquisition of CAO cigars, one of the USA’s premium cigar companies. We look at how a small-scale importer of pipes became one of the most dynamic cigar producers in the world.

It’s a fairy tale story of rags to riches – well actually pipes to riches really. In 1961, a young Armenian moved to the USA to study mechanical engineering with a love of Meerschaum pipes, prize...

By Rob Allanson in Spotlight

Caribbean marriage

Cigars are not the only great export from the Caribbean nations. We have a look at the other staple of life – rum

There has always been a lot to connect rum and cigars, they really have more of a natural affinity with each other than just about any other drinks matching we have done so far. Originally produced a...

By Rob Allanson in Cigars and Rum

South by South West

We look at this remote corner of the United Kingdom which boasts some excellent cigar emporiums in very fine settings

Famed for its rugged coastlines, quaint bed and breakfast hotels and of course clotted cream, the South West peninsula of England does not often spring to mind as a Mecca for cigars lovers. However h...

By Rob Allanson in City Watch

Pacific delights

Indonesia is finding its own cigar history and experiencing a boom in sales. Pieter Tesch looks
at how the world is now taking this nation seriously as a cigar producer

Indonesia is rediscovering its own honourable cigar tradition after it turned its back after independence from the Dutch more than 60 years ago on the cigar as the symbol of colonial rule. It was syn...

By Pieter Tesch in Market Watch

Graphic smoking

James Leavey looks at a new graphic novel focusing on cigars.

Just published is Flor de Luna – Santa Maria Cristina, the first in a new series of French graphic novels, featuring a young cigar smoking hero. This exciting 48 page tale is part of the Collection...

By James Leavey in Cigar Comics

‘Tis the season

Buying for a cigar aficionado? Cigar Buyer offers a brief guide to the vital areas which will make your favourite smoker smile.

Obviously the best way to make the cigar lover in your life happy at Christmas is to buy them more cigars, but there are other things (the accoutrements, the shiny things, the items we like to meddle ...

By Rob Allanson in Gifts

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