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Cigar Buyer Issue 11

Published on 11/05/2007

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From the Editor

Well this is it, despite months of ‘will they won’t they’, the most draconian of anti-smoking measures is about to envelop the entire country – a total ban. However, thanks to ITPAC and other...

By Rob Allanson in From the Editor

Eye catching Monte tube

The new Montecristo Edmundo tube is the latest and hottest item to come out of Cuba. This attractive offering is the latest in Habanos SA’s shake up of its cigar tubes. The change stems from the r...

By Rob Allanson in News

ST builds strength in US cigar market

Scandinavian Tobacco (ST) has acquired US cigar company CAO International. ST is an international tobacco company with substantial interests in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of cigaret...

By Rob Allanson in News

A change of chairs

It is all change at the Imported Tobacco Products Advisory Council (ITPAC) after the departure to the US of Loretta’s Gary Hyams. Hunters and Frankau’s Simon Chase has been appointed Chair of ITP...

By Rob Allanson in News

Latest series Davidoffs

The Davidoff Primeros represent a completely new generation of Davidoff cigars that are unable to conceal certain characteristics of their classic roots. Although the Petit Panetela format is shorter...

By Rob Allanson in News

New for Newman

For the first time in 20 years, the J.C. Newman Cigar Company proudly announced a new size and a new cedar cabinet to the La Unica cigar line. The La Unica #600 (6” x 50 ring) has been created to a...

By Rob Allanson in News

Orchant branches out

The UK’s largest and one of the most successful independent cigars retailer, Mitchell Orchant has joined forces with his old friend, Christoph Wolters, one of Germany’s most respected cigar retail...

By Rob Allanson in News

Tobacco Legislation Watch

APRIL 2007 SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES Smoking in Public Places is being addressed separately by each country within the United Kingdom. The current status is as follows: ENGLAND The Smoke-free Reg...

By Rob Allanson in Legislation Watch

Beyond the ban

As indoor smoking is about to be banned in all licensed premises across the United Kingdom, we look at how to get to grips with some of the challenges the ban creates.

It has been a long impending cloud over the industry and licensed premises, but come July 1st smoking in all licensed premises (and workplaces) across the country will be banned. Despite substantial ...

By Rob Allanson in Smoking Ban

The importance of being Bertie

Burlington Bertie has traded in cigars in the heart of London for 11 years. Dominic Roskrow spoke to Vimal Shah

Talking to Vimal Shah of Burlington Bertie about the impending smoking ban is a strangely paradoxical experience. If you’re looking for a positive spin on events post July 1, then he’s definitely...

By Dominic Roskrow in Retailer watch

Crème of the crop

One of the world’s best selling miniatures has a new face launched with style

If you are going to repackage something you might as well do it properly and do it with a certain style and glamour. Henri Wintermans, owner of the famous Café Crème brand, did just this when it wa...

By Rob Allanson in Spotlight

The university towns

We have a look at England’s two great academic centres and their cigar havens

In this edition we delve into the medieval delights of England’s two world famous university cities, Oxford and Cambridge. Cigars are associated with many things, boom times as well as academia, an...

By Rob Allanson in City Watch

Welcome to the Republic

James Leavey packs his case and has a look at this great cigar nation

When you look at the relatively low sales of Dominican tobacco products in the United Kingdom’s cigar retail outlets you’d find it hard to believe that Dominican premium cigars are the number one ...

By James Leavey in Market Watch

After dinner heaven

Cigar malts and blends to accompany a good smoke have become popular. We have a look at some of the best

It is one of those classic silver screen moments. The bar doors flap closed behind him and the dusty clothed baddie enters the bar to pick his fight. A chiselled jawed and weather beaten Eastwood squ...

By Rob Allanson in Whisky and Cigars

Festival time

The Caribbean island celebrates its most iconic export

Passion, colour, music, the warmth of old friends and above all sharing some of the best cigars in the world pretty much sums up the ethos of the ninth Habanos Festival held earlier this year. Severa...

By Rob Allanson in International Focus

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